This book I read…on Baclofen

I just finished a book ( “The End of my Addiction”) written by a famous french cardiologist Olivier Ameisen who was an alcoholic, and a hard core one. He went to many rehab centers, tried all the medications possible, was followed by the most re known doctors, but nothing seemed to work for him. He was suffering from severe anxiety which he would calm by drinking heavily. This man was a genius! He really had everything going for him but alcohol destroyed it all. One day he finds an article talking about a medication that  treats spasticity but that was used to cure one case of cocaine addiction. He then did some research and decided to auto-medicate (no doctor wanted to follow this treatment) himself and see if it could help him.  Well it worked for the first time in his alcoholic life and for the first time the craving disappeared.  He was finally free from this addiction, his desire to drink just “left”him.

I had never heard of this medication before! Please do not get me wrong I am not saying this is a miracle treatment or the solution to everything. I just wanted to share this reading. (the first report Dr. Ameisen did).


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