Why do I think I can but I know I can’t?

What a paradox right? The story of my life! I know I can ‘t drink but I still do! Why is that? Well it s the mind of an addict! Some people can say it once and stick to it! How lucky! The weird thing is I seem to plan it! And when the idea comes to my head it just sticks around until i get it done! I always think that I can control it! I can stop! But as soon as I have the first sip I know that it is dangerous. Because one sip calls another one and another one…until BOOM, the whole cycle is back! What do you guys do in order to avoid the first sip??? One day at a time!


6 thoughts on “Why do I think I can but I know I can’t?

  1. Alcohol is very strong and very addictive. I planed towards quitting for a long time. You seem to focus on ‘Eeeeeeh, the first zip’ but I would try to focus on ‘YES!!! I am free!!!’. That has something to do with laws of attraction, if you believe in that stuff. I never did, until, well, until I did. 😀

    This is how I walked towards where I am now. Only in 7 weeks but doing well. Happy that I quit. 🙂
    – Over the years I did not continue with friends that drank a lot and would give me problems if I quit.
    – While drinking I would take supplements (Omega 3, vitamin B-complex, multivitamin, maria thistle) and eat extra healthy with loads of greens, nuts, celtic salt, eco pork meat, beans, little additives. Adding nutrients makes it easier to stop because your brain and your body keep working better.
    – I would drink German beer because of the Reinheits Gebot – that means that the beer can only exist of beer, no added sugar or anything. And eco wine.
    – I was very low on added sugar intake and that worked out to be important too.
    (No, I did not feature in Little House on the Prairy… just leaving out the nasty stuff of ruining my own company and wasting all my money on that…)

    When I decided to stop I tried to get into a programme but I wormed myself out at some point. I tried before with less preperation, that did not work out long time. I did have a rock bottom before I tried stopping.

    If you are looking for tips, this is how I would do it now:
    1 start adding nutrients
    2 start eating right
    3 go looking for information on all the issues that bother you about drinking, read and write.
    4 read a book like Seven weeks to sobriety on what alcohol does in your body. If you have the money, order the supplements or even go there or find something comparable in your area.
    5 keep on drinking (moderately! 🙂 ) while you get all the info in – that keeps your mind relaxed and able to hear things for what they are. Don’t drink before or while reading. Onle really stop at the end of a book like the one from Jason Vale or Allan Carr.
    6 decide if you want to get into an AA club or something comparable or find a therapist that works with addictions
    7 Celebrate your freedom. Be happy that you quit. That is Very Important.


  2. Find something to do to keep busy that first week. Stay away from normal “haunts”. Read, walk, run, work on a hobby, call someone, go to bed early, take a bath. Remember, it’s the alcohol talking. And don’t forget HALT (hungry, angry, lonely and tired) If you are feeling any of these, recognize it and do something about it! You CAN do this 🙂 Your side-lines cheerleader, Debbie!

  3. Yeah. No booze in the house and a husband who quit too.
    I found it hard for quite a while. I was so overwhelmingly anxious.
    But by holding onto sobriety tightly I have found solutions to some lifelong problems that I didn’t even know I had.
    You can get back to it!

  4. My trick in the evenings has been to eat dinner and then get into my pajamas, even if it’s waaaaay to early, and settle in with the TV and remote. I know it sounds really dumb but it works, at least for me 🙂

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