Sophrology…YES YES it helps:-)

“Sophrology is a structured method created to produce optimal health and well-being.  It consists of a series of easy to do physical and mental exercises that, when practised regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind.  The exercises are called dynamic relaxation (relaxation in movement).

The first things people generally notice are: more restful sleep, improved concentration, fewer worries, increased self-confidence, and a feeling of inner happiness”

When you have a continuous roller coaster in your head, that your thoughts never stop, that you have a masters in making films in your head, this method can help. I have discovered sophrology two months ago! I needed something to clam down my emotions. My strong emotions lead to my desire to drink! And that was the reason of my last relapse. We must learn from every experience and you can fall 100 times as long as you get up 101 times!  Anyway back to sophrology! This helps you canalize and accept your emotions while concentrating on your breathing. It helps concentrate on the present on NOW. Not yesterday not tomorrow!  Have you ever tried to focus just on your breathing! I found it  very difficult the first sessions. Your mind is constantly thinking, worrying! But I exercised  and I can give my mind a break! I feel so relaxed after my weekly sessions. I was not a strong believer of all those soft methods, but I must say that this is a great experience. Concentrate on the present and only NOW! 






5 thoughts on “Sophrology…YES YES it helps:-)

  1. Love your comment “We must learn from every experience and you can fall 100 times as long as you get up 101 times!” … it’s going to inspire my next post! I never heard the term sophrology but it sounds like meditation… need to do more of it!!

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  3. Amazing the power of focussing on your breath. My fave saying recently is that change to the mind is best effected through the body – like how we used alcohol to get the body to be drunk and then it would change our minds. All for it and thanks for a new term!

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