29 the age of serenity?

It s been a while since my last post, I find it difficult to write since the relapse in August. I can not really explain why! I still read all your stories all the time! Anyway I did wanted to share something: My birthday this week-end! 

My birthdays were synonym of….drinking and drinking again! Crazy parties! Where of course I never remembered the end of it! How sad it was to wake up feeling like shite the next day. Two years ago was just a super mess. It started at my place with a few friends, followed by drinks at a shot bar…followed by an after party in a acquaintances apartment.  I ended up kissing this guy and going home with him, he was married and just had a kid. When you think it could not get worse…It did! I picked up the wrong leather coat. In this coat there were keys…car keys. That I lost…of course…  The acquaintance had to call the garage to  pull the car back to his place 60km away. And of course the locking system was all automatic so he had to change the WHOLE system. Of course I had to pay for it! 2000 euros! Which of course I did not have! 

I have many stories like that! I should just think of them when I feel like drinking. Really it seems that when I pick up a drink I pick up all the mess with it! 

Anyway this year it went super well. Went to London to see my little brother and one of my best friend. The boy also came along. It was a great day full of surprises. I felt so blessed to have all those people around! When everybody was having mojitos I was on sparking water. I felt super good and great. The only problem I encountered was the boy who was drunk or as he says: tipsy. He did not want to go home! I tried to explain to him that I was tired and I did not feel like going clubbing. The thing is that if I had continued I might have not had the strength to say no! I know the feeling he had! He felt frustrated because when you have a few (too many) glasses you are always up for some more party plus we were in London!  He did not want to understand! It really upsets me to have a partner that is not very supportive! I felt bad because I was the one who wanted to go home! It s just that when you don’t drink you get tired earlier! This argument was really unnecessary! I wish the boy could just understand. I don’t think he really gets it! How important staying away from alcohol is important for me….Anyway 29 can only be a good year right!? Waking up the next morning feeling great was by far the best gift!



One thought on “29 the age of serenity?

  1. So nice to hear from you! I have been wondering how you were. Happy belated birthday too. You should have said you were in the UK! Hope you had a good time in London. I relate to what you say about not wanting to stay out all night anymore. It’s tricky when other people do want to pull an all nighter … I try and manage people’s expectations by not committing to that in the first place, but sometimes they forget once theyve had a drink or 5 and it’s all “common … stay for a bit longer!” I can be pretty grumpy though so sometimes I just go anyway!

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