The after 100 day challenge

Let’s be honest, I feared the AFTER  100 days challenge. I am the sort of person that when I have an objective I stick to it (well most of the time). As the days passed my fear was growing. I have a lot of difficulties with the “never ever” touching a drop.  I know that alcohol is dangerous and that I will never be able to drink normally but I still…Anyway I wanted to share how I felt after the challenge:

–          I did not rush for a glass of wine to reward myself

–          I did not become a sport’s addict (I wish I had 😉 )

–          I still have some ups and downs

–          I still have emotional frustration

–          I still wish I could have one drink


–          I feel good and proud about myself. Waking up remembering all my nights is just PRICELESS

–          I don’t have this frustration anymore. When I go out I automatically order a Schweppes (Went to Berlin this week-end and discovered an AMAZING drink that is sold in every bar-nightclub-café: Club Mate, if you ever have the chance to try it, it s a great alternative  to soft drinks, much less sugar)

–          I discover this great sober blogging that helps me daily, reading all your stories is the best therapy I have had in years. I should try to post more often though

–          I picked up a hobby (thanks Belle), well a bit behind those days but I truly enjoy it. Think of actually taking photography class

So all in all my life with no booze not even one drink is  much better! Let’s hope it s stays like this forever.



9 thoughts on “The after 100 day challenge

  1. Congrats on achieving the 100 days and beyond!! I think we all have that fear of ‘what then’ once we set a goal like this. It’s good to hear you’re staying AF and ok with it. Gives me hope for me 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your achievement! I get such a boost when someone from Team 100 reaches their goal, it keeps me going. *:]

  3. HOORAY and a gigantic happy dance for you! That is marvellous. And having just passed 100 myself I totally know the fear feeling. I am still wrestling with it a bit to be honest – I think there needs to be a graduate Team 100 class… six months? I feel that i need something new to clearly set my sights on now but I know one thing… going back to Day 1 would surely SUCK. So keep going my Team 100 friend and huge kudos to you.

    Don’t forget my Team 100 reward rule. If you can afford it – and you should be able to with all that booze money saved – you get to buy yourself something worth 100 euros/pounds/baht whatever your local currency is. 🙂 Then post pics 🙂


  4. Congratulations. What a powerful post. I like your list. Keep doing what you’re doing. Life will keep changing and you can stay sober. Keep keeping it real-you own’t drink again. Three cheers for Belle!

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