Old versus New you…

Yesterday night was chilling with the boy on this nice boat where you can enjoy tapas and drinks. Was feeling great until I saw a group of old university colleagues of mine. My heart started to beat much faster. We did say hello to each other but after that I felt weird. Those people don’t know that I quit drinking, they still have the old image: “crazy drinking chick, that is a mess every time a party was going on”.  I did not feel comfortable around them, I felt judged. All those  dark memories resurfaced. I felt sad because I do not want to be stigmatise that way.. I should not care of what people think , but I do. Since 2008 (the year i finished my studies) so many things have happened good and bad, but I am working hard to change. The past is part of my history and I have to accept that! The most important is the path I am taking now…sobriety. I should not pay attention of what the others think, I know….but it is easier said then done. Image



5 thoughts on “Old versus New you…

  1. You are not defined by your past and you are on the right path. Im a recovered alcoholic, and Im perfectly comfertable with who i am and what I am. I have a disease, It’s not like I woke up one day and said “Hey, I want to be an alcoholic”. For people like us, it’s not a choice; It’s like having cancer. If people can not accept you for who and what you are then they are not worth having in your life. Just my take on things……. Keep moving forward; One Day At A Time. Bless You!

  2. Sometimes I want to talk like a mentor and at others I want to talk like a peer. I love this post. I love the raw feeling you express. I want to say simply this … you will grow through these feelings. Keep working on you and falling in love with you. There will come a day when what they think no longer matters. It’s a process, trust the process. Having confidence in self is not an event we plan. It is more like something we notice we have become. You are on your way. Trust.

    ps. I know I can get “preachy” and I want you to know that all the words I share for you are for me too. I need to trust the process of my life (my recovery) just like you. xox

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