trying to find the right tools

Last week was a tough week!Back to reality, to work, to the routine, and the weather here is just terrible for a month of May (I mean snow…COME ON..really??) . Anyway everything was just going wrong. I thought a million times of drinking! As said on a previous post, I fancy a drink particularly when I am frustrated/sad! This time I had the right reflexes. Saturday I went to sleep over at a friends house. She knows I can’t drink plus she is pregnant so NO BOOZE what so ever. We just chilled watched Bridget Jones and it kept my mind busy. The 100 day challenge was a tremendous help.(I was thinking of how many days I was sober over 50 and don’t want to go back to 1) .I also did something I never did before:  wrote a list of all the ridiculous situation I got in while drinking and I will have to confess one to you, and NOT PROUD AT ALL. When I get drunk I systematically pee in bed. It is just RIDICULOUS, at 28!!!  The worst is when it s not in my bed! And it happens all the time. You wake up with a terrible hangover and you realize that everything is wet! just HELL- It happened when I was sleeping at a guy’s place. I can assure you that I NEVER EVER want to see him / or cross his way AGAIN. I am such a mess. Just thinking of that situation makes feel so bad, that it keeps me away from alcohol.

I am great full I was able to pick the right tools and not let my self go into the past schema (go out, party like crazy and drink to forget, wake up feeling like shite, be depressed for a couple a days, and feeling sorry for my self) .

This week is a much better week:-)


3 thoughts on “trying to find the right tools

  1. Just found your blog – I’m trying to cut back on drinking and can relate to this post. Looking back on all the times I have blackedout… The more drunk I got the more I thought those around me thought I was funny, or cute. I thought it made my personal come out and therefore made me more endearing. It’s clear now how I embarrassed myself. I too once peed in my friend’s bed, AFTER she had just thrown me a birthday party. She was nice, but I felt so so so ashamed. I’ve found that reading other’s struggles with this issue helps. thanks!

    • Hi. Was a bit a shame to write about that but then I promised myself that on my blog I had to tell the WHOLE truth about my story, others could maybe relate. I am glad it can help. Sending you loads of positives vibes! XXOO

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