Feeling like s*%&/

My emotions are just like a roll coaster! Was so euphoric about the holidays, so proud. Since yesterday I really feel like shite. Everything gets on my nerves, my boss, the boy, the weather, the people in general. And….I m craving for champagne! When my feelings are  a mess I us-ED to generally have a nice glass of wine (or more) and everything would just seem “lighter”.  Same days are better then others right! 


5 thoughts on “Feeling like s*%&/

  1. I’m with you on this one — frustration is out of control and the desire to drink kicks in automatically. Where’s the pink cloud on was floating on for awhile?

    • Hi Fern, the pink cloud has been floating on for a while, I think that I have to learn calm my feelings down.Booze is not the solution. Because the fix is just temporary, and the “wake up” is a nightmare. Hanging in there:-) Thanks for your comment! xxoo

  2. In my experience, it’s been hard to find something that works to wind me down as quickly and as effectively as a glass of wine does. I KNOW it’s a quick fix, and I KNOW it’s an unhealthy crutch, but that sure doesn’t make it any easier !
    It’s up and down, but at least our minds are clear and we aren’t feeling terrible about ourselves for giving in!

    • Yes the fix is really fast but your so right it does not help on the long term. I do have to find a way to canalise the frustration, without thinking of booze systematically.

  3. Somedays everything gets on your nerves.Well..booze got on my nerves everyday, it was a head wreck. Try and think of wine as one less thing to worry about…shitty, crappy wine with it’s false promises. Nope that’s not on the list anymore…phew!
    Early night calling x

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