I must say…travelling in a muslim country helps when you are “freshly” sober! Restaurants propose tea instead of wine, water instead of  mojito. So temptation was not omnipresent. The holidays went super well, I did not feel the urge to drink until…thursday night. The first four days the boy and I were travelling all around the country, we even slept in the desert with Berbers! That was a nice experience! But thursday we went up to see my best friend in the capital, she’s been living there since January. As said a few posts before, when we are together…it s party party and party again. I was very apprehensive and feared the relapse. She knows the bars/restaurants were alcohol is served and she brought us to this great place by the sea to have a drink while contemplating the sunset. The perfect scenery to have a nice fresh mojito. What a great drink that mojito, the mint, the sugar…the rum….My dark passenger’s voice was omnipresent! I thought about just having one! My dark passenger was   whispering all kind of thoughts “ohhhh just one, you are on holiday, no one will know, no need to write it on the blog” etc etc…It is really hard to make it shut up when it starts! I did take a cocktail but a nice fruit cocktail. I felt frustrated at first but the feeling quickly vanished, enjoyed the moment. The fact that I was able to say no at that first temptation made the next days much easier. The day after we went out for a BBQ where wine was all over but I did not feel or want to have a glass. I am so happy to be able to say that I stayed sober! Holidays normally are synonym of hangovers  and guilty of being hangover but this one was just INCREDIBLE and magical. Thank you sober blogging!Image


4 thoughts on “Holidays…

  1. Well done! That is terrific. You are working that sober muscle well and now you’ve created a new association – of a sober holiday that is still lots of fun and even wonderful and magical. Great stuff.

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