Leaving the comfort zone…

I am leaving on holiday tomorrow for a week, every normal human being should be super happy….hmmmm I am not over excited. Why? Because I am leaving my comfort zone, my sober world. In the sense that here, I have some tools, ie: leave and go  home if I feel that urge to drink, read all of your stories when I want (no internet access of 8 days….), write…

The boy and I are going for a tour in the desert, which is going to be cool but at the end of the week we are visiting my best friend and sleeping at her place. She knows I have been struggling with booze but every time we are together, I “forget” that I cannot drink and WE PARTY. Oooooh boy we party, she actually once told me that when we were out together she “lived”. When I drink, the part before everything gets out of control, I know that I am crazy, fun and super sociable etc etc…. I also know that when I do not drink, I am not as crazy, I get bored faster and want to go home early! I talked to Belle about that fear I have, she advised me  to tell my best friend about the 100 day challenge in order to avoid too many questions…I am scared I will not have the strength to say no , but I do not want to back to DAY 1, I have been there too many time!!!! 



10 thoughts on “Leaving the comfort zone…

  1. I believe in you. I know you can do it. Remember, worry and fear get you no where. One day at a time, my dear. Don’t focus on the what if’s. I’m sure I speak for all the others out there, we are standing behind you on this and know in our hearts you have the strength to overcome.

  2. You can do this! You totally deserve a holiday. Can you take your iPhone or a laptop with you and try and stay a bit connected to the sober blogosphere? Hope you have a good trip x

  3. Write some key stuff down and keep it with you. You have to make a promise to yourself that you can do this while you are still feeling strong and in control. If you do that you won’t even entertain the doubt on holiday. It’s just not an option to drink, doubt only lets the wolf back in and he’s not invited on this vacation!
    C x

  4. Just wanted to send over a little encouragement. Not sure how I found your blog, but I like it. Hoping your trip is successful. And for what it’s worth, i didn’t know Day 1 was really Day 1 until about Day 634. Hang in there. with love, Lisa

  5. Hey Christina,

    Having just faced the holiday/drinking issue myself I am rooting for you and I hope you can do it. I wish I’d seen this sooner. It’s a bit late for advice on how to holiday sober but I look forward to hearing about what happened. And either way, please post and let us know how it went and what you discovered.



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