When the obsession kicks in

Not going to be long today, just wanted to share about last night farewell drink we had at work. It s now 24 days I have not touched a drop of alcohol, and feeling really good about it. This past week-end was great. Last night was a bit harder….It had been a long and stressful day. We all went to a nice bar/tapas place to celebrate the last working day of good colleague. The first two hours were fine, enjoyed my Schweeps:-) and when round 3 of ordering arrived, I felt my “dark passenger” waking up! I DID NOT order any booze but my mind could only focus on the red wine my colleagues were drinking. Was thinking: “mmmm that red wine would be perfect with this little bit of cheese”. I was not listening to any conversation any more. So….what did I do. I got up and LEFT. Just like that! People around were a bit surprised! But that was my only way out! First thing I did when I got home, is write an email to Tiredofdrinking to write: S.O.B.E.R!  Arrrrgggh I hate it when this obsession kicks in! 


9 thoughts on “When the obsession kicks in

  1. wolfie can really yell sometimes, and say “you should have wine now, a bit won’t hurt.” but you did something really quite brave 🙂 well to me it seems brave! you got up and walked out. you really did say ‘f-you wolfie’. you didn’t stay there, you didn’t stop at a store on the way home. you got away. i think that’s pretty darn cool 🙂

  2. Well done you for getting out of there and going straight home. Was there anyone else not drinking? I’ve been finding that in those situations I feel a bit left out sometimes. Like booze is this great bonding thing, especially when everyone’s had a few and the mood of the group changes. Anyway you did the right thing!

    • Oups my comment just got deleted..any way I just start again. It s crazy how booze just changes the mood. At first everyone was just calm and shy after a few drinks the atmosphere just flips. Generally that s when the voice starts, because I feel a bit left out. I dont find them funny or I just feel left out, as you very well said. Thanks for your encouragement! You are also going great! Let s all keep it up!!xxoo

  3. Oh, and to add. . . . (just thought of this) Did you notice how you felt great over the weekend and then BAM, it hits? It’s almost like a false euphoria. Again, great job at keeping the wolfie at bay 🙂

    • I knooow. It s like wow your on a pink cloud, so happy and then BBBAAAAMMMM it s there! Thanks for the comment:-) We will fight this wolfie (aka dark passenger as I call it) AWAY! xxoo

  4. Leaving when it stops being fun is something I needed to learn, rather than just drinking to make it bearable! I always have something pink or wine coloured to drink in a wine glass now when I am out. It makes me less self conscious and as they get pissed I think folks foget you haven’t got any wine in your glass. Well done!

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