this week-end

I fear the week-ends because that is when alcohol comes in the picture. So what do I , I go straight to my parents. There I know I can’t go out and party…they live in the countryside. But  that is not the right solution, because I am avoiding any situations where I can be vulnerable and cutting my self of any social life. I am a person who needs to go out, see friends and have fun. For the first time since I m sober so 21 days now, I stayed at home. Friday went out  with friends for dinner: did not drink and did not feel like having a glass of wine. Saturday was able to get up early and do a million of things. I felt great and happy. Saturday night, again went out  and again did not feel or envied a drink. I must say that I left around midnight, I felt it was time to go, when my friends were getting tipsy. As I was going back home, I had this smile on my face, proud of what happened and must admit I did have fun. I did not feel resentment, jalousie or anger towards alcohol. Sunday went out for brunch and went for a run. I had an AMAZING week-end booze free. Since I began this blog, signed up to the challenge, writing and most of all reading your stories, I feel better, less alone. May this feeling last! Great week to you.


2 thoughts on “this week-end

  1. Great to hear! Yes, we can’t hide forever, but early on, we do have to protect our sobriety. It took me a while to be able to go places and do things that didn’t make me feel vulnerable. I wasn’t a bar drinker in the last 5 or so years, so bars never bothered me, but I still avoided them. I go now, but with others, and almost always for meals. So you’re doing what you need to do for now. And remember you can meet others at coffee shops, restaurants, outdoorsy things, etc. Not everything we do has to involve drinking! So that is what I had to do early on as well – try to meet friends in venues or in activities that didn’t involve alcohol. Odd at first, but I easily got into it.

    congrats on your 21 days!


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