Yesterday’s after work

Spring is finally here, the sunny terraces, sun glasses, wooow all that sounds nice! But with all that people double enjoy to have a drink afterwork. Yesterday we had the whole context and with this I was invited to join for an afterwork drink. Oh why not, lets enjoy I say to my self. As we walk to the bar, my dark passenger’s voice starts whispering: “Hmmmm a nice cold beer with lemonade would be nice”. I try to ignore it! But I am a bit nervous, maybe should I just go home. Leave now, find an excuse. Quick….we are arriving at the bar. Finally I decide to stay…Comes the waiter, and the order goes like this: Beer-Beer-Rosé-White wine-Shweeps-Beer. Did it! Passed the first step of ordering the non alcoholic drink (I dont know about you but that s my drink when I should not drink booze). When the order arrives I do feel some frustration, I want to have a sip of my friends beer. I really needed to focus on NOT LISTENING my dark passenger’s voice. Im proud to say that last night I was able to resist temptation. Why this time? No clue..Maybe starting this blog, sharing and expressing my feelings honestly is helping, reading your stories…I don’t know, time will tell.



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