…the booze and love

I have met this great guy and it s been a year we’ve been dating. He does not really know this dilemma I have with the booze. I did try to explain but it is hard for him to understand. He does not consider me as an alcoholic. His father has the disease, but he is the kind of person that lost everything. Job-family-friends, he wakes up with a glass of alcohol. To tell you the truth they don’t have any contact anymore. There for his perception of alcoholism is different then mine. We do share a glass of wine on special occasion, but I am always scared that my dark passenger will come out and ruin everything (as said in my previous posts, when the alcohol kicks in I just want more) . Weirdly enough I lost control only once with him around, and he did not blame me or it. The thing is when he goes out, he gets pretty drunk and I HATE IT.   I did tell him that when we hang out together I would be grateful  if he could “control” it. Hmmmm FAIL! He comes from a region where people drink all the time, so he is used to it and likes his few drinks. I wish I could have more support from his side. At this point of the relationship it isn’t a problem but what if the booze jeopardized the relation. Oh that would be such a shame! Maybe I just envy the fact that he can drink and I can’t. If I could just let it go, accept this vulnerability, I would feel so much lighter… Again, if any of you guys have tips I’m open to every suggestion.



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