Champagne I hate you…

Today I want to talk about the loss of control when drinking, share some of the situations I have been in.

The first one was last September during a wedding. I resisted temptation until 11pm. Drank my usual Schweppes .and when everybody started to get drunk, I just said to myself…One glass of champagne (I love champagne, everything of it, the taste, the bubbles, the color), then…said to my self oh well I could have another little glass I m fine….then went to gin and tonic (It s my favorite no alcoholic drink, a little gin would do no harm) (it s crazy how the alcohol plays with your mind). And that s how everything went out of control. I left the party, decided that the music was not good enough. Found a way to take a taxi to the center of the village…and then the total blur. I vaguely remember a park… What did I do the whole night and with who was a total mystery. Woke up the next day in my hotel room still dressed but with mud on my cloths. The hangover was just terrible, the guilt was huge. I opened my eyes saying “I did it again”. How can you just loose it like that. Why do I have to do that to myself? What if I got abused or anything?  All this crap because I picked up the glass of freaking champagne.I was not strong enough! Have you ever been in a situation like this? How do you find the strength to say no???



One thought on “Champagne I hate you…

  1. I too LOVE champagne. At weddings I go around and finish what’s left in each bottle that’s been left at empty tables. So understand. . . .

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